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By Aimee Larrabee |

These days, it is the place to be. Not Lower Greenville. Lowest Greenville -that hazily defined block-and-a-half-long strip just north of the Greenville-Ross intersection. It hasn’t always been the stomping ground for Dallas’ young and beautiful, but the opening of Shannon Wynne’s Tango and the popularity of spots such as Panteli’s and Poor David’s Pub has created a revival of the area. Now that Lowest Greenville is booming, you might find yourself standing in a long line to get into Tango or in an elbow-to-elbow mob at another establishment. But there is a retreat on Lowest Greenville. In fact, since it’s located at the end of the bar row, you might call it the lowest of Lowest Greenville; it’s the Greenville Avenue Pocket Sandwich Theater. And the best reason to forego the ul-trachic establishments to sit on a picnic bench and drink beer is simple: The Guava Bomblets are here.

The Guava Bomblets are a bright spot in the narrow field of Dallas comedy. They’re comedians whose name has little to do with the quality of their performances; they rarely bomb and are often funny. Very funny.

The Bomblets consist of seven area residents who met while studying drama at North Texas State University. They’ve been performing together for a year and a half, and they recently performed at a benefit for the Dallas Aquarium, raising so much money that the organization asked them back for future benefits. Their specialty is impromptu comedy, and audience participation is a large part of the show.

The Bomblets’ shows change every six weeks, and it’s fair to say that just about every other sketch is a winner. The Bomblets are sarcastic, quick on their feet and occasionally a bit crass. The group is performing at the Greenville Avenue Pocket Sandwich Theater on weekend nights through July 17, and will continue performances beginning August 5.

Bomblet manager Marie Turner is enthusiastic about the group’s future. It’s Greenville now, she says, “But next year, it’s Reunion Arena.” Be sure to catch their show so you’ll be able to say you knew them when.

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