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By Aimee Larrabee |

Several weeks after our story about the Alexander School [“Inside Dallas,” November] hit the newsstands, we received a letter from the school’s administrator with the following student comments taken from the school newsletter (The Sun) about the school and the quality of its education.

The Alexander School is a private high school in which all instruction is given on a one-on-one student/teacher basis. There are very few organized extracurricular activities, and the tuition is the highest in the city.

We decided to give the kids a chance to speak for themselves:

“After reading D Magazine’s article on Alexander School, we [the Sun staff] decided to take a quick poll of some of our students to see if they feel ’isolated’ or have ’no interaction with their peers.’ Here are some of their replies.

Jeff Nash: There is isolation only in the classroom, which is good. Outside of class, it is possible to know everyone very quickly, not like in public schools with little groups and cliques, [where] it is hard to make friends at all.

Isaac Rousso [who was quoted in our article]: From a social point of view, yes, there is isolation, but I like it. I am getting a better education here than in any other school. This is more of a college prep school.

Pete Bozarth: I like it this way. You can learn more, and there is plenty of time to associate with other kids when you want to.

Budge Hopkins: There is no isolation from other students except during class time. I feel that I am being very well-taught here.

Charlie Reubush: There is some isolation from other stu-dents, but this is no social drawback. This is far superior to all forms of public and private education because we have the chance to learn everything our teachers know.

Darren Bridges: I feel I’m more free here than in a public school, especially in close relationships with teachers and administrators.

Liz Stager: I think this Her-rera lady [Margaret Herrera, a DISD counseling coordinator quoted in the article] ought to pull her head out of the sand and come here and see for herself that we aren’t in solitary confinement. I count myself lucky to have found out about Alexander. You couldn’t learn as much and have fun doing it in any other school I know of.”