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By Aimee Larrabee |

In 1974, a group of civic leaders from Dallas and Fort Worth gathered in a large room to “oooh” and “aaah” as a large commercial jetliner touched down on a runway in front of them. It was the grand opening of Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport and the consummation of a working relationship between the two cities.

Next month, the airport will celebrate its 10th anniversary. We in the metroplex have been through a lot of ups and downs with the airport-sometimes praising it for its snazzy facilities and modern technology, sometimes cursing it for its never-ending construction and irritating parking problems.

One thing is certain: By now, most of us think we know the airport all too well. But how observant are you when you’re rushing to make your flight or hurrying to pick up your luggage? Find out by taking our 10th anniversary airport quiz. It’ll give you an idea of how well you know the ins, outs, ups and downs of D/FW.

1. Who was the first airport director?

a. George Schrader

b. Tom Sullivan

c. Eduardo Mata

d. J.B. Jackson

2. Who was the first chairmanof the airport board?

a. J. Erik Jonsson

b. Too Tall Jones

c. Starke Taylor

d. Howard Putnam

e. DickMotta

3. In the early days of the airport, there was a problem withsuitcases being mutilated byautomatic luggage conveyors.True or false?

4. Who was the first chairmanof the airport board from FortWorth?

a. Baird Friedman

b. Amon Carter Jr.

c. Joe T. Garcia

d. Paul Mason

5. Ernest Dean, executive director of the airport, caused a DMAGZ121983-016_Article_001_Text_001stir among Dallas and FortWorth City Councilmemberswhen he bought himself an$800

a. trenchcoat

b. briefcase

c. mink vest

d. gold money clip

e. diamond ring

6. What group sued the airportfor the right to distribute literature in the terminals?

a. The Hare Krishnas

b. The Moral Majority

c. The Idlewild Club

d. The PTL Club

e. Jehovah’s Witnesses

7. What company was involvedin a lawsuit with D/FW airport over the building of Air-trans? D/FW ended up paying$8,000,000 more than the company originally had asked for.

a. Recognition Equipment

b. Dixie Metals

c. LTV Corp.

d. Texas Instruments

1. b. Tom Sullivan

2. d. Paul Mason

3. True

4. a. Erik Jonsson

5. b. briefcase

6. a. the Hare Krishnas

7. c. LTV Corp.

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