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Thumbs Down to Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Fred Blair lor insisting that City Council members get free tickets to any entertainment event held at a municipally owned facility. Blair voiced his opinion during a recent City Council meeting, when he maintained that free admission to performances at Reunion Arena, the Cotton Bowl or the Dallas Convention Center was not a question of privilege but of purpose. “It is the responsibility of the City Council to be able to see that operations are going smoothly at these events,” Blair said. “1 don’t think you should have to pay to gain access.” Council member Max Goldblatt disagreed, but fellow council member Wes Wise, recalling the good old days, backed Blair. “Previous councils used to be able to get all the tickets they needed,” Wise said. “Frankly, I was surprised that the policy had changed.” What triggered Blair’s concern? His inability to walk unchecked into Reunion Arena to see Diana Ross in concert.