Thumbs Up to three local media people who recently were noted for excellence in their fields: Paul Kolsti of the Dallas Morning News and Mike Snyder of Channel Five Action News. Kolsti, a cartoonist for the News, wasawarded the Charles M. Schulz Cartoon Award, one of 16 Scripps-Howard awards. Kolsti met with Schulz to receive the award and hash over tricks of the trade. Snyder was the only local newsperson to be nominated for an Emmy award this year. His nomination was based on his story about the Iranian Hostages called, “Rescuing the Hostages: The Untried Mission.” His story gained the attention of the NBC Nightly News. Our third Thumbs Up may smack of nepotism, but we can’t keep it in: Our own associate editor, Michael Berryhill, is this year’s recipient of the Stanley Walker Journalism Award for the best example of journalistic writing in a magazine. Berryhill won the award for his piece, “The Death of a Poet,” D, November 1981.


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