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Thumbs Down to Democrats for leaving District Judge Dee Brown Walker on the bench for almost 20 years. Ranked consistently low in the Dallas Bar Association poll, Walker is known as the little man’s friend, but he’s not famous for his knowledge of the law. Of course, we get what we pay for, and a $60,000 judgeship isn’t very attractive when a lawyer can earn $200,000 in private practice. Fort Worth tends to have better judges than Dallas because law practice is not as lucrative in that city, where there are about 1,100 members of the bar association, compared to about 4,200 in Dallas. As for Walker, he’ll be up for re-election again in 1984. Thumbs Up to Republican voters for defeating District Judge Snowden Left-wich in the May primary. A regular contender for last place in the Dallas Bar Association poll, Leftwich lost to Harlan Martin.