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Trivia aficionados, read on

Quick, what was the name of Officer Friendly’s sidekick? Don’t remember, huh? Well, here’s another stumper for you: True or false: When Sheriff Bill Decker went out on a night call, his wife, concerned for his safety, always asked who was going with him. “Mr. Thompson” was always Decker’s reply. Years later, Mrs. Decker discovered that Mr. Thompson was really the sheriffs submachine gun. Don’t know that one either, huh? We’re going to give you other chances to test your knowledge of the really important places and events in Dallas’ history. Remember the Wreck of the Hesperus, the Eighth Day? If you can recall those famous Dallas nightspots, you should be able to at least come up with a decent score on our trivia quiz. If not, then you just haven’t been paying attention to your town. Oh, yeah. Officer Friendly’s sidekick was Jimmie Duck, and Sheriff Decker fooled his wife for years with his “friend.”


Several of our leading real estate brokers and developers distinguished themselves in Dallas high school football. Three of the following made all-city, but which one was a mere bench-warmer?

A. Bob Folsom

B. Trammell Crow

C. Herschel Forester

D. Hank Dickerson


Who was the tax assessor-collector for Dallas County during the Sixties?

A. Pettis Norman

B. Norman Pettis

C. Ben Gentle

D. Gentle Ben


Do brokers still exchange cotton at The Cotton Exchange Building?

A. Only on the third Wednesday of the month.

B. Yes, the exchange’s100 members still buy and sell cotton.

C. No, cotton hasn’t been exchanged there since1947.

D. Yes, when the moon is full.


In the late Sixties, what did city planner Vincent Ponte see for the future of downtown Dallas?

A. All vehicular trafficwould be underground.

B. More people would bewalking to work.

C. There would be areturn to drive-inrestaurants staffed bycarhops on roller skates.

D. It would becomeAmerica’s third-largestbarge facility.


Who averaged 32 points a game to lead his team to the 1955 Dr Pepper High School Basketball Tournament Championship?

A. Don Meredith

B. Antal Dorati

C. Larry Showalter

D. Margene Adkins


Why was the flying red horse placed atop the Magnolia Building?

A. To commemorate theTexas Centennial.

B. To welcome the delegates of the National Petroleum Institute convention in 1934.

C. To frighten away thepigeons.

D. To help the airlinesgauge the correct path toLove Field.


All but one of these sportswriters worked at one time for The Fort Worth Press. Which one succeeded in spite of the deficiency?

A. Blackie Sherrod

B. Dan Jenkins

C. Bud Shrake

D. Jerry Hayes


Dr. Sterling Davis, who financed a 1976 jailbreak in Piedras Negras, Mexico, in order to free his son, was once a popular wrestler at the Spor-tatorium, where he went by the name of Dizzy Davis.

A. True

B. False


Which Maverick has played in every game?

A. Jim Spanarkle

B. Brad Davis

C. Moses Malone

D. James Garner


A powerful early-day society editor for The Dallas Morning News led the fight to get a law passed making it a punishable offense to spit on the sidewalk. Who was she?

A. Pauline Periwinkle

B. Petunia Oppenheimer

C. Rose Renfroe

D. Daisy Anderson


Who was Chance Vought?

A. The uncle of Jim Ling.

B. A pioneer aircraft engineer who learned tofly with the Wright brothers.

C. The first mayor ofGrand Prairie.

D. The first American flyer killed in action in World War I.


What was Kyle Rote Jr.’s salary his first year with the Dallas Tornado soccer team?

A. $1,400

B. $14,000

C. $140,000

D. $1,400,000


In 1950, Otis Elevator installed the first passenger elevator with self-opening doors in a Dallas building. What building was it?

A. The Magnolia Building.

B. Atlantic Refining Building.

C. The Dallas County Jail.

D. Herrera’s Café.


Who was Boude Storey?

A. The first principal ofOak Cliff High School.

B. A wealthy Dallasfarmer who donated landto the school board.

C. President of the Boardof Education in theTwenties.

D. W.T. White’s favoriteteacher.


What was unusual about the Guaranty Bank and Trust, which opened in Dallas in the Twenties?

A. The tellers’ cages wereequipped with shotguns.

B. The bank stayed openuntil 10 p.m., and thatwas on Saturdays.

C. There were noclothing merchants on theboard.

D. They wouldn’t accept

checks on out-of-town banks.


Name the three top hot-rod clubs in Dallas in the Fifties.

A. Rod Benders, Night-riders, (third-place tie)Gear Jammers andCatalinas Car Club.

B. Packard Patrol, Edsel Express, Chevy Chase.

C. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.


Who was known as the Prince of Preachers?

A. Gypsy Smith

B. George Truett

C. Brother Jack Coe

D. Dr. Levi Olan


Who was high-point man in the first league game ever played by the Dallas Mavericks?

A. Austin Carr

B. Geoff Huston

C. Winford Boynes

D. Joe Hassett


What did Lee Trevino use as a putter to hustle suckers at Tennison Gol Course on Samuell Bou-levard, when he was a teen-ager?

A. A nine iron.

B. A softball bat.

C. A length of gardenhose.

D. A Dr Pepper bottle.


What Dallas real estate tycoon once sold ads for the Dallas Times Herald?

A. Trammell Crow

B. Leo F. Corrigan

C. Ebby Halliday

D. J.R. Ewing


What Dallas mayor, famous for his cigar chewing and “interesting” use of the English language said: “Them that ain’t sayin’ ain’t, ain’t eatin’ “?

A. J.B. Adoue

B. R.L. Thornton Sr.

C. Wallace Savage

D. George Sprague


What happened to the dirt in the Elm Street cave-in?

A. It was used in flowerbeds in the FairmontHotel.

B. It was used in theOklahoma Dust Bowl.

C. It was sold to theOklahoma State University Agriculture Department.

D. No one knows.


What was the Cowboys’ worst season?

A. 1961

B. 1960

C. winter

D. 1975


What was the Skid Row Bar Association and who was its leader?

A. A group of winos whogathered on the steps ofCity Hall. Leader: JimRummy.

B. A loosely organizedgroup of Dallas lawyers.Leader: Judge JamesBowie.

C. A street gang who took the law into their own hands. Leader: Jim-mie Skid.

D. A group of lawyers who specialized in vagrancy cases. Leader: Perry Mason.


When did construction on Central Expressway begin?

A. 1952

B. 23 B.C.

C. 1947

D. 1969


What was the first newspaper in Dallas?

A. The Dallas TimesHerald.

B. The Dallas MorningNews.

C. The Dallas FashionTimes.

D. The Dallas Herald.


Who is Harwood Street named after?

A. Alexander Harwood, Dallas County clerk in 1849.

B. James Nelson Har-wood, the first man tobegin construction of thestreet.

C. Happy Harwood, thegreat-grandmother of theTexas senator.


Joe Campisi of Campisi’s Egyptian Restaurant was once head cheerleader at Tech High School.

A. True

B. False


Who cut the ribbon at the 1967 dedication of the Dallas North Tollway?

A. Irving P. Krick

B. Ben Barnes

C. Val Imm

D. Erik Jonsson


Judge Bower had a surprise visitor in his courtroom on March 11, 1887. Who was his visitor?

A. His mother.

B. Frank James of thefamous outlaw family.

C. His horse.

D. Nancy Reagan.


What is Tom Landry’s middle name?

A. Nelson

B. Sue

C. Wade

D. Smiley


Where was the funeral home that embalmed Bonnie Parker?

A. In what is now theFirst International BankBuilding.

B. In what is now agroup of antique shopson Routh at McKinney.

C. She never was embalmed.

D. On Main Street where Frank X. Tolbert’s Chili Emporium was located.


Theo Yardanoff, who invented calf fries in a small cafe on the north side of Fort Worth, was a direct descendant of Alexander the Great.

A. True

B. False


One of the greatest lineups of superstars ever assembled participated in an old-timers game in the Cotton Bowl in 1950, including all but which one of the following?

A. Babe Ruth

B. Ty Cobb

C. Tris Speaker


In the fall of 1889, Dallasites gathered in the Glen Lea Building to observe what sport?

A. Nude mud wrestling.

B. Baseball.

C. Chicken fighting.

D. Chicken plucking.


Who was the first black player to play professional baseball for a Dallas team?

A. Bill White

B. Luke Easter

C. Dave Hoskins

D. Hank Thompson


What Dallas Scotsman starred in The Killer Shrews?

A. Highland Parker

B. Stuart Margolin

C. Sir John Gielgud

D. Gordon McLendon


What is the name of the famous cafe that stood at the present location of the Kennedy Memorial?

A. Cate Dallas.

B. The Big Dixie House.

C. Joe Banks Café.

D. The Little DixieHouse.


The section of Commerce west of the Trinity was once a major gambling and gangland area.

A. True

B. False


Only one Ranger has won Rookie of the Year and one has won the Most Valuable Player Award. Who were they?

A. Preston Pearson:Most Valuable Player.Preston Hollow: Rookieof the Year.

B. Mike Hargrove: Rookie of the Year. JeffBurroughs: MostValuable Player.

C. Jeff Burroughs: Rookie of the Year. MikeHargrove: Most Valuable Player.


Who is the only SMU quarterback that has ever been drafted by the Cowboys?

A. Don Meredith

B. Mac White

C. Mike Livingston

D. Keith Bobo


Fannie Brice, whose real name was Fannie Borach, was once a clerk in the lingerie department at Sanger Bros. Department Store.

A. True

B. False


In 1957, Walter Williams, the last known surviving Civil War veteran, was a custodian at the Theater Lounge, a downtown Dallas strip joint.

A. True

B. False


How was Love Field named?

A. During riots at Hockaday in 1968, 27 students caught up in the search for the meaning of life barricaded themselves in the headmaster’s office and refused to call off the lock-in until the Municipal Airport was renamed “Love Field.”

B. In 1964, during a stopover in Dallas on abeautification tour, LadyBird Johnson stepped offAir Force One at Municipal Airport andsaid, “I love that field.”

C. It was named afterLovers Lane.

D. Who cares?


What famous Dallas woman involved in theater was nicknamed “The Texas Tornado”?

A. Margo Jones

B. Greer Garson

C. Kyle Rote

D. Judy Garland


How many buses are in the Dallas Transit System’s fleet?

A. 1,998

B. 902

C. 560

D. 1


How many books are in the new Central Library?

A. 10,008,776

B. 648,398

C. 100,987,993

D. 777,997


What city father was the captain of the SMU football team that went to the Rose Bowl in 1936?

A. John Stemmons

B. Jimmy Aston

C. Harry Shuford

D. Field Scovell


Who was the mayor of Dallas during World War II? (Hint: A major thoroughfare was named after him.)

A. Woodall Rodgers

B. R.L. Thornton

C. John Carpenter

D. Joe Central


How many feature films were shot in Dallas in 1981?

A. 253

B. 9

C. 56

D. 0


The Praetorian Building, on Main Street at the Stone Street Mall, was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The first occupants would never recognize the building now; it’s been done over to look like a giant gift, wrapped for a high school graduate.

Who were the original Praetorians?

A. The elite home guard for the City of Rome.

B. A Mennonite sect in North Carolina.

C. The followers of Gustav Praetor, who severed ties with Martin Luther over the issue ofthe single cup.

D. The originators of the concept of term life insurance.


In Flower Drum Song, at the State Fair in 1960, the father was played by Keye Luke, Charlie Chan’s number one son.

A. True

B. False.


The giant pecan tree on Armstrong near Preston Road has been decorated with lights and lit every Christmas since 1927.

A. True

B. False


Davey O’Brien was the only graduate of the Dallas Public School System who ever won the Heisman Trophy. While a student at Woodrow Wilson High School, his name was misspelled in the high school annual.

A. True

B. False


What was the name of the nightclub behind Roscoe White’s?

A. Cubbie’s Club.

B. Jimmy’s Club.

C. Annette’s Club.

D. Mickey’s Club.


Where were the Blue Top Motels located in Dallas?

A. Gaston and Grand;Fort Worth Avenue andSylvan.

B. Beverly and Preston;Gaston and Grand.

C. White and Green;Brown and Peach.

D. Ross and Akard;Commerce and Akard.


What was the motto of the Ford plant in Dallas?

A. Car of the Cowboys.

B. Better Than a Horse.

C. A Kickin’ Car.

D. Made in Texas byTexans.


What were the names of the seven downtown theaters during the Fifties?

A. Majestic, Melba,Tower Palace, Rialto,Capital, Loews, Fox

B. Majestic, MelbaToast, Palace, Ravioli,Capital, Telenews, Wolf

C. Majestic, Melba,Tower, Palace, Rialto, Capital, Telenews D. Majesty, Melba Tower, Palace, Ricotta, Parmesan, Havarti, Swiss


What was the name of the nightclub where all the professional dancers went after class in the Fifties?

A. Fred Astaire’s.

B. Twinkle Toes.

C. Studio 54.

D. Guthrie’s.


Before the Trinity River was diked, it regularly flooded downtown Dallas.

A. True

B. False


When was the first freak show at Fair Park?

A. 1891, the appearanceof the two-headedwoman.

B. 1928, the appearanceof the Rubber Man.

C. 1967, the crowd at theGrateful Dead concert.

D. 1976, the appearanceof Kiss.


When was the first teen-age riot in Dallas?

A. 1970, the Lee Park riot.

B. 1957, after the football game between Woodrow Wilson and South Oak Cliff high schools.

C. 1932, after a Wobbliesrally.

D. 1972, after Nixonbombed Cambodia.


What occupied the KLIF building before KLIF moved in?

A. D Magazine.

B. Magnolia Filling station.


D. Pigeons.


Who is reportedly buried in the Elm Street cave-in?

A. Ulysses S. Grant

B. Bonnie Parker

C. John Wayne

D. Jinkee Purkle, thetitular head of the SkidRow Bar Association.


What other travesty happened the same week of the Elm Street cave-in?

A. John B. Jones stoodup his betrothed, MaryAlice Smith.

B. Jinkee Purkle lost theice cream off his conewhen he tripped.

C. A section of roadwayin the Houston Streetviaduct collapsed.

D. A streetcar on McKin-ney Avenue wrecked.


The fact that the Dallas County Records Building is on Record Street is purely coincidental.

Record Street was named for Jim Record, a Dallas pioneer.

A. True

B. False


What song did women from Dallas and elsewhere sing to the Texas State Legislature in the mid-Seventies?

A. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Farce

B. The Lies of Sexists areUpon You

C. These Boots AreMade For Kicking

D. I Can’t Get NoSatisfaction


The Cowboys came up short in 1970, but the city still found glory through one of the following:

A. Dallasite Buddy Tur-man defeated Joe Frazierfor the Heavyweight Championship of theWorld.

B. The Dallas Chaparrals won the Western Division of the American Basket-ball League.

C. John Plath Greenbecame the first Dallasite to make the All-AmericaPolo Team.

D. The Dallas Acesdefeated NationalistChina to win the WorldContract Bridge Championship.


1. B

2. C

3. B

4. B

5. A

6. B

7. D

8. A

9. A

10. A

11. B

12. A

13. B

14. C

15. B

16. A

17. B

18. C

19. D

20. B

21. B

22. D

23. B

24. B

25. C

26. D

27. A

28. A

29. B

30. B

31. C

32. B

33. B

34. A

35. C

36. C

37. D

38. C

39. A

40. B

41. D

42. B

43. B

44. D

45. A

46. C

47. B

48. C

49. A

50. B

51. A

52. A

53. B

54. A

55. B

56. A

57. D

58. C

59. D

60. A

61. A

62. B

63. B

64. D

65. C

66. B

67. B

68. D