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The wait for the Dallas branch of Joe T. Garcia’s has been almost as long as the traditional line of people waiting to get into the famous Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth. Even before the new restaurant opened in May, Dallas-ites were lining up outside the building. Right on queue.

The new Joe T.’s is located at 4440 Belt Line Road in Ad-dison. David Lancarte, president of the Dallas operation, explains that the management had so many requests from faithful patrons who have driven regularly to dine in Fort Worth, that they finally went ahead with the venture.

The new restaurant replicates the old one in all the essentials: good food, generous servings, reasonable prices, cheerful service, strolling mariachis and a comfortably casual atmosphere. Although the charming pool and patio of the original are missing from the Dallas edition, they are in the plans for the future. Meanwhile, three garden windows provide an outdoorsy feeling. A final touch of authenticity is the paneling on an inside wall, which leans forward slightly.

Everyone connected with the family-owned and -operated business is excited about the expansion: the Lancarte siblings; their mother, Hope Garcia Lancarte, who is chairwoman of the board; and her mother, Jesse Garcia, widow of the original Joe T. Jesse, who is the matriarch of the family and is affectionate-ly known as “Mama Suez.” All the dishes served at the restaurant are prepared from her recipes.

Now that the Dallas branch has opened, are there any plans to expand to other cities? “Oh, sure, we’re going to start a chain,” says David Lancarte with a grin. “It’s’ taken us 47 years to get the first link. At this rate, I wouldn’t consider other cities: right now.”