The politicking is in full swing over which arts organization will get to use the Majestic Theater on which date once the renovation is complete late next year.

The Dallas Ballet says it ought to have first dibs since it is the strongest group and has the most need. It also raised the $1 million-plus necessary to complete the project when city bond money fell short

“We have a dual interest in that we helped raise the private money, and we are going to be the primary tenant,” said ballet board chairman Bruce Calder. “We have asked initially for six months at the Majestic.

“We would be very upset and dismayed if we didn’t have some priority in setting the use and dates of the Majestic.”

Just how much priority the Ballet ought to have is the key question. The Dallas Opera, for example, is known to be interested in blocking out some time at the Majestic in the spring. Opera officials wonder whether they’ll be able to get that time if the Ballet wants to use the hall on the same dates

The Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, the Classical Guitar Society, the Black Dance Theatre and other groups are said to be similarly interested.

The Dallas Park Board has just changed a proposed policy that gave the Dallas Ballet priority over other groups. The new policy says several groups will be given consideration.

Parks Department Director Jack Robinson said the policy was changed because the board never intended to set up a priority ranking among users. But, he added, “There is no question the Ballet will be the bell cow of the users.” He said he believes everyone will be accommodate.

Final decisions will be made by the person who eventually is hired to run the theater. Just who that is will not be known for another 60 days.


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