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The Dallas Times Herald had to manage without management for a while. After former managing editor Will Jarrett left in July for the Times Mirror Company’s newly acquired Denver Post, he took former assistant managing editor Tim Kelly with him, creating a vacuum in news management for two months. Adhering to his policy of not promoting his own, editor Ken Johnson looked outside for a new managing editor, and after being turned down at least once, found Jon Katz of the Baltimore News American.

The Herald has also had to manage without some real estate advertising. Several months ago, the Herald earned a “Thumbs Up” for creating an independent real estate section not written by the advertising department, as at the News. Some realtors and developers started bellyaching and withdrew their ads. At one low point, the Herald ran 18 pages of real estate ads to the News’ 41.

This summer, the Morning News very nearly swept off some of the Herald’s best writers, including reporter Bob Rivard, prize-winning drama critic Sean Mitchell, and columnist Jim Henderson. And at the end of August, the News’ managing editor, Ralph Langer, walked into the newsroom with his latest steal from the Herald, Eppie Friedman, better known as Ann Landers. The Herald squawked lawsuit, but Langer says Ann has the final say about where her column will run.