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Q. Did Dorothy Malone and Jayne Mansfield really go to Highland Park High School? My father swears he went out with both of them. B.R., Highland Park.

A. They sure did, but if your dad dated both of them, he must have spent a long time in high school. Registrar Ann Simmons says Vera Jayne Peers, who blossomed into the voluptuous Miss Mansfield in Too Hot to Handle and The Wayward Bus, graduated in 1950. Dorothy Maloney (who later dropped the “y”) graduated several years earlier (in 1941), and starred in the Academy Award-winner, Written on the Wind.

Q. What are the 10 most stressful jobs? I’m a waitress in a family restaurant, and I’m sure I’m up there somewhere. T.D., Farmers Branch.

A. You’re climbing right up the wall -waitresses are in eighth place, according to a list based on a study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Unskilled laborers have the most stressful jobs, with secretaries in second place. Number three goes to assembly-line inspectors; number four, clinical laboratory technicians; number five, office managers; number six, foremen; number seven, managing administrators; number nine, factory machinists; and number 10, farm owners. Medical professionals get an honorable mention. A spokesman for NIOSH says the list was not compiled by them, but by people who read and then interpreted their study. “We decided not to rank the jobs because there were too many subjective factors to consider. The only conclusion we were able to reach was that the more control you have over your job and the less people you have to deal with, the less stress you will feel.”

Q. Every Dallas police patrolwoman I’ve seen wears her hair in a bun in a fashion that makes her head look like a man’s from a distance. Is there some kind of regulation requiring them to wear their hair this way? R.S., Mesquite.

A. Lt. J.L. Williams of the Dallas Police Department says there is no specific restriction, but that women cops are “basically required to meet the same requirements men meet,” i.e., hair can not hang down over the collar. This isn’t just an arbitrary rule, says Williams, “It’s to keep 6’5″ drunks from pulling them down by their hair.”

Q. A friend of mine tells me my nose will keep growing the rest of my life. Is that true? P.S., Carrollton.

A. Dr. Eddie Goldman, an instructor of otolar-yngology at Southwestern Medical School, says as you grow older, the cartilage in your nose will relax; as a result, your nose will widen, the tip will droop, and the skin will lose elasticity and probably sag. But as far as your nose growing longer, don’t worry.

Q. The other night I saw a late-night movie (B-grade, maybe even C) entitled Mars Needs Women. Can you tell me where this loser was made and when? I could swear I saw the Dallas skyline in some of the first scenes. B.P., Dallas.

A. Tommy Kirk, the star who was more successful in Disney films like The Absentminded Professor, may want to add a “Why?” to your question. All critics agree that this 1964 sci-fi fiasco was a loser. When mar-tian men found that they far outnumbered martian women, they sent word to a U.S. decoding center that if five worldly women were not delivered pronto, Earth would be destroyed. Apparently, at least the set (yes, it was Dallas) has survived.

Q. I noticed recently that the old Chapel of the Bells Wedding Chapel on Oak Lawn, where my first husband and I were married, is up for lease. Do you know what happened? D.P., Piano.

A. Assuming you are re- ferring to the chapel and not your marriage, the news is good. Owner Cookie Cage says her business is still strong (“better than one a day”), and is now located in European Crossroads. Ms. Cage says the large white building on Oak Lawn was too big for her purposes, and that it had so little parking space that it was ill-suited for anything other than what it was before she opened the chapel in 1980: a funeral home.

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