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As if the state government weren’t enough of a melodrama, State Rep. Chris Semos now wants to make a soap opera out of the legislature.

Semos and Pat Wolfe, chairwoman of the Texas Film Commission, have been cooking up a plot that would mix fantasy and reality under the pink dome of the Texas State Capitol. If they get their way, the resulting drama would star television actor Patrick Duffy and -why not? -Chris Semos, who heretofore has been just a mild-mannered legislator from Oak Cliff.

Semos and Wolfe have approached Lorimar Productions, which produces Dallas, about giving a plug on the air to the Texas Sesquicentennial Commission. Semos, coinci-dentally, is chairman of the commission, which is planning statewide celebrations on the 150th anniversary of the Texas Republic in 1986.

According to Semos’ and Wolfe’s plot, Bobby Ewing (played by Duffy) – who, plot-wise, has just been elected to the Texas Senate- would tell the entire Ewing clan that he has to rush off to Austin to meet Chris Semos for a meeting of the Texas Sesquicentennial Commission.

“We could use this type of publicity,” Semos says. “Pat says she knows Larry Hag-man, and they’re considering adding a scene like that to the script.”