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By Carol Edgar |


The next time you’re looking for that special someone to perk up a party or other special event, consider inviting Deena or Lulu. They’re chimps (Deena has already become something of a local celebrity) who make appearances for $90 an hour. Or, if monkey business doesn’t appeal, ask for Cohen the Chicken and Kelly the Rabbit, a vaudeville-style duo who perform a 20-minute act for $125. Cohen does simple math, dances, and plays five-card stud (and wins). Kelly is a virtuoso at the piano, puts money in a piggy bank, and does the basic rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick, with Cohen assisting. Available through the Stower Group Animal Talent Agency, 5555 W. Lover’s Lane. Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-5. 352-2166


What’s the newest dynamite look in evening accessories? Plastic, or perhaps “plastique” when referring to the French designer variety. Philippe Chevallier has created a line of predomi-nently plastic evening purses, earrings, combs, bracelets, and belts sold exclusively in the metro-plex at Elle Boutique. His creations begin with bright, bold pieces of plastic in shades of blue or purple and, of course, black. The plastic may be carved, etched, hand-painted, or studded with beads or rhinestones. The purses are the most elaborate pieces of the collection combining the hand-crafted plastics with suede, snakeskin, or antique lace. Elle Boutique, 827 Lamar Blvd E., Arlington. Open Mon-Sat 10-6. 261-4621.


Now that picnicking has gone from country-simple to gourmet-elegant, picnic accoutrements are following suit. Hence this wine duffle made of soil-resistant canvas. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, and denim-blue. The duffle is available in one-bottle and two-bottle sizes, it’s lined with a foam sleeve to keep the chill on the bottle, a la beer can huggers. $9.99 and $15.99. At Spirits, Caruth Plaza Shopping Center, 9100 N. Central Expressway. Open Mon-Sat 10-9. 696-3530.


Belgian lace-it is the stuff that heirlooms are made of. Chances are if you have an article made of Belgian lace, it was bought in Europe, for this art is almost exclusively a European one. And unless you’ve been in the medieval Belgian towns of Ghent or Bruges, you probably have no idea how this lace is made. But now Dallas has a shop, the only one of its kind in this country, where Belgian lace is made and sold. It’s Pins and Bobbins in Olla Podrida. Lace maker Elena Cola learned how to make lace as a child in Naples, Italy, where her mother owned a lace shop. Five days a week she can be found weaving her myriad bobbins of white thread into delicate, spidery lace. Seeing Mrs. Cola at work gives one a real appreciation for the time, patience, and skill that go into making even the tiniest bit of lace. Most of the items she makes at Pins and Bobbins are small gift items: handkerchiefs, doilies, pillows, and three-dimensional butterflies and flowers for framing. She also carries a few larger items such as tablecloths and clothing that are sent from Europe by her mother and sister. The small pieces start at $15. The linen and lace tablecloths start at $200, quite a bargain considering it can take three to four years to make one. And for the very patient, Mrs. Cola offers lessons in lace making. Eight two-hour lessons ($60) are enough to get you started. Pins and Bobbins, 12215 Coit Rd. Open Mon-Fri 10-4 except Tue; Sat 10-5:30. 233-6441.


What sport combines the knowledge of a sailor, the sense of balance of a downhill skier, and the strength and determination of a surfer? It’s windsurfing, the latest of sports crazes. And what do you need to get started? Unless you have all of the above attributes, you’ll probably need lessons. Every weekend this summer Chandlers Landing Yacht Club is offering lessons at every level from beginning to acrobatic. The lessons are taught by members of the University of Texas sailing team, which is currently number one in the nation. Individual lessons cost $15 per hour, which includes the rental of a board. Group lessons are also available. For more information, call the pro shop at Chandlers Landing, 501 Yacht Club Drive S., Rock wall. Open daily 10-8:30.226-1901.


When Cha-Cha’s danced onto the Dallas boutique scene last year, a lot of people noticed. An eclectic collection of women’s clothing and accessories, Cha-Cha’s has everything from purple beaded moccasins to sleek Ora Feder lingerie. Owners Jeff and Patty Feinstein work at making their store different from any other in Dallas. They carry clothing by young Dallas designers. Cha-Cha’s is Oriental, preppie, new wave, conservative-whatever is new and chic. 3911 Oak Lawn. Open 10-6 Mon-Sat. 528-1125.


Lightweight luggage may be commonplace these days, but it is still rare to find it as handsome and well-made as these bags by Ciao, an American company with an Italian name. They’re made of heavy-duty nylon and range in price from $18.50 for the small sport duffle to $100 for the two-suit garment bag. All pieces come with a two-year guarantee. They’re available in black, gray, and clear shades of red, green, and blue. At Rush Company, 3209 N. Fitzhugh, 522-0610 and The Container Store, 6067 Forest Ln., 386-5054. Spring brights and pastels available at S. Vogue, 4121 Lomo Alto, 522-9260.