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By D Magazine |

If you live in one of a half-dozen Dallas County suburbs, county health services may not long be open to you because of a feud that has flared for a year between County Commissioner Roy Orr and the new health director, Dr. Elliot Salenger.

Under Salenger’s regime, the county health department has changed its name and direction. It merged with the City of Dallas’ health department to create a “county-wide” health service. The suburbs have been asked to contract for services with the department, but most of them have refused.

Orr has added fuel to the suburban revolt by sniping at Salenger, a California doctor (Orr calls him a “quack”) whose hiring was opposed by the commissioner. Orr has continually asked for Sal-enger’s resignation and has supported the suburbs’ criticism of the countywide health plan.

Orr’s actions recently drew the ire of fellow Commissioner Jim Tyson, who said, “It’s getting to a point, Roy, where it’s impossible for him to work if you keep sniping at him. You’ve been saying you supported countywide health service, but when it came time to do it, you did nothing.”