When Nancy Reagan decided that the White House needed sprucing up and went to the private sector for help, a couple of longtime Fort Worth Democrats shucked out five-figure donations.

They are oilman W.A. “Tex” Moncrief and his son Mike (who was elected Tar-rant County Judge as a Democrat). Each contributed $10,000 for the refurbishing. The Moncriefs were joined by Ranger owner Eddie Chiles, who also sprang for 10 grand. Surprisingly, no Dallas contributors stepped forward. In all, 10 Texans contributed to Nancy Reagan’s decorating kitty. Sixteen Oklahomans opened up their pocket-books. Not surprisingly, Cal-ifornians were the most generous, with 23 contributors coming from Reagan’s state.

Chiles and the Moncriefs were in good company. Fellow contributors included TV Guide publisher Walter Annenberg, who gave $95,000; California Lt. Gov. Mike Curb; and Eppie Lederer of Chicago. (She’s also known as Ann Landers.)


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