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Let’s Be Brief

By D Magazine |

Romance ~ it comes across in different ways: subtle, soft, unexpected. But often, against the rush of life, the morning traffic, late appointments, and rising prices, it gets ignored. Distilled through the process of just coping with everyday living, writing poetry, sending flowers, or singing on bended knee beneath a balcony are more likely to get transposed into a phone call, dinner, and a Hallmark. But on the softness of a diffused morning, when the coffee is fresh and sunlight moves through the house, lingering to warm the coming day, there is time to contemplate. Contemplate what special people mean to you, and maybe a special something to show it. Valentine’s Day was made for just such contemplation and action. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has meant heart-shaped boxes of candy and bouquets of flowers. It still does, but for something extra special, think of silk, lace, and ribbons. There is something about lounging away, curled up in a silk kimono reading a favorite book. A luxury we don’t allow ourselves; the pure pleasure of indulgence. But if you hedge at the thought of missing a sale at Neiman’s or fear that life will pass you by, even for one morning, then perhaps something soft and silky underneath while you tackle the world will do. Camisoles and panties can make you feel wonderfully feminine. And at night, when your sense of romance may be heightened, then the beguiling innocence of pastel ribbons and lace can be irresistible. Perfect, in fact, if they have been gifts from someone special on a special day. Men often assume they really aren’t romanticists, and their lady will understand if they don’t make a big deal over a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. Wrong. There is not a woman alive who doesn’t want to be made a fuss over, who would not appreciate the extra effort it took to choose something intimate for her, particularly women’s lingerie. And when a man pleases an alluring woman, he realizes that his trouble was none. Then, just maybe, romanticism has not gone the way of 10-cent coffee and free campsites, but merely has been hidden deep in modern man.

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