City fathers, including Mayor Jack Evans and Chamber Board Chairman John White, have quietly begun wooing the 1984 Republican and Democratic National Conventions to Dallas.

And the Republican overtures seem already to have hit the mark. The New York Times recently carried an item stating that Dallas is on party leaders’ preferred list.

Letters stating Dallas’ intent already have gone out to both committees. The Republicans have sent back specifications -dates, requirements for the hall, hotel rooms, transportation and police protection.

But even if Dallas decides it wants to host the conventions, it may already be too late-the Convention Center is already booked up during the three months needed to set up for a convention.

“You can’t tell a man that has 8,000 to 12,000 people coming to a city that he has to go somewhere else,” says Charles Bass of the chamber’s convention bureau. “Tomorrow is four years away as far as we’re concerned.”

Big deal, says Dallas Republican County Chairman Fred Meyer. “The president and his people will decide where they want it and, by golly, if they want it in Dallas, it will be in Dallas. What we do or don’t do won’t have much impact.”


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