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By Jane Albritton |

Just Ask For Morse Toes

The singing telegram isn’t a new idea, but it’s changed: no longer just a shy, young tenor singing at your door. Live Wires will send a virile, young gorilla who goes “ape” over his female recipient, or Polly Dardon, with an extraordinary pair of lungs, to bellow out a happy birthday wish, “Buck-A-Roooo.” And for Valentine’s Day, Live Wires will send out cute cupids or a dancing heart to sing out the love you can’t find the words for. The company offers a variety of entertainment services for conventions, business and sales promotions, as well as individual birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelor parties. Also offered are belly dancers, marching bands, even tap dancing. To order a Live Wire message, call (817) 461-1191. For taped song samples, call (817) 261-2296.

Welcome Mats

The next time you remodel, ask your designer or architect to call on carpet genius Sylvan Garrett Hancock (d.b.a. Sylvan Garrett), a craftsman who puts together the concepts and the art toproduce a carpetcreated for the individual. His creations have included floor carpeting that continues up the wall toemerge in separate wallhangings. Another ofGarrett’s creationscan be seen at theNailery (in Preston-wood mall) – it is, ofcourse, a carpet in theshape of a hand.

Breakfast in Bed

Among its other charms, European travel offers overnights in the local B & B – private homes that offer bed and breakfast. The B & B gives the traveler a chance to sample regional hospitalities and lifestyles beyond the star system. Now we have a U.S. Bed and Breakfast League. For $45, it supplies its members with a directory of host homes, rates, and special features. The league then acts as a clearinghouse whereby all detailed information about the accommodations are supplied and the arrangements made. Call toll-free 1-800-257-9408, or write to The Bed and Breakfast League, 207 Nassau St., Princeton, New Jersey 08540.

Cut Glass

When you chip a favorite crystal champagne glass on the kitchen faucet, no need to toast the Queen and fling it into the fireplace. The craftsmen at Molloy Mirror and Art Glass Works, Inc. have been smoothing ragged edges and repairing minor chips in crystal bowls, glasses, and vases since 1908. The current owners and craftsmen are Jerry Stransky and Jim Prevratil, and they can advise you as to the possibility of repairing the damaged piece, thus saving you the Cost of replacing the object. Repairs begin at $5 a stem. Molloy Mirror and Art Glass Works Inc., 2635 Floyd (between Swiss and Gaston). 826-4452. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30.

Dream Weavers

When a fool punctuates your expensive wool suit with an ember from his cheap cigarette, you can wear it and hope no one will notice or you can take it to Hurst’s Reweaving. For thirty years, Hurst’s has been repairing clothes damaged by moths, cigarettes, and rough-edged table tops. Their reweavers patiently pull the unraveled edges of a patch into the damaged garment and mend holes in everything except corduroy, velvet, or suede. The prices are reasonable for work that’s invisible. Hurst’s Reweaving, 2722 Greenville Ave. 827-2490. Mon-Fri 8-4.

Curried Flavors

The casual “Amrikan” shopper may not be interested in Mrs. Manju Shar-ma’s stock of saris and blouses, or in her tape and record collection of Indian music, but other wonders line the shelves to delight vidiartis and videshis alike: delicacies for Indian fare. Beans with names like moong, urid, masoor, and chana dais; and breads that include chapatis (similar to pancakes) and white basmati rice. The Shar-mas’ stock is small but it offers the lover of dosas and curries an opportunity to cook up an authentic Indian feast. Sharma’s International, Inc., 219 Preston Valley Shopping Center. 233-8008. Mon-Fri 10:30-7:30, Sat & Sun 11-6:30.