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The Lie’s the Thing

George Toomer’s article “The Check’s in the Mail” (December) was just great. But, in my opinion, two of the best “little white lies” were not included. They are:

1. My wife doesn’t understand me.

2. I’m from the Government and I’mhere to help you.

Just wanted to make your list complete. Thanks for the good reading.

Tracy Barnett


Best and Worst

Oh boy! At last the January issue arrived. What fun – until I spotted an unkind remark about sportscaster Jim Brinson. He is so enthusiastic in his reporting that we really enjoy him. Also, I’m beginning to feel that Nolan Estes has been put down enough.

C. Selzer


Oh, you wonderful people! Your “Best and Worst” was the best I’ve ever read. A worst for your auto mechanics department: the staff of Precision Motors on Central. In the year and a half that I’ve owned my Triumph (purchased, of course, from Precision Motors), I’ve spent over $1200 and four months with no car, dealing with their mishmash of grease and nuts and bolts.

Gail Lee


Editor’s Note: Some things never change. We named Precision Motors worst auto repair shop in January 1977.

KNUS is a popular music contemporary radio station labeled “hard to stomach bubblegum” in the annual “Best and Worst” section. There was no evaluation of other Dallas/Fort Worth radio stations, just a “cute” oblique comparison of KNUS to bubblegum.

At best the comment is a cheap shot. Many of our staff read D Magazine, but do not evaluate its editorial prowess on the air. At worst the comment is irresponsible and shows that the magazine’s writers have not done their homework and listened to KNUS recently.

Otherwise they would have been aware that since the radio station’s sale last summer, from the McLendon Company to SJR Communications Inc., KNUS has worked steadily to encourage strong community participation by people of all ages.

Last June, KNUS developed recreational interest in the Trinity River by sponsoring the Ramblin’ Raft Race in conjunction with the American Rafting Association. Between 12,000 and 15,000 people participated, ranging in age from 15 to 45.

The L’Eggs/YWCA 10,000 Meter Run for Women was a success largely due to promotional effort by KNUS.

Thousands of adults attended and participated in the White Rock Marathon. KNUS was the major media supporter of this holistic health event.

Before Christmas, KNUS attempted to show positive support for a peaceful solution to the Iranian hostage situation. In less than 60 hours, over 13,000 people (mostly adults) responded to a telephone campaign gathering names for a communique addressed to the Iranian Mission to the United Nations.

If D Magazine considers KNUS “bub-blegum” it, of course, is entitled to its opinion, but thousands of adults are “chewing” happily and spreading the bubblegum from one end of the metroplex to the other.

Doyle Peterson

General Manager

KNUS Dallas

The Mustang Mafia

In your excellent article, “The SMU Connection,” (December) under the section entitled “The Money Men,” there was one omission. Steve Jordan (’62) is the president of First City Bank of Dallas, the city’s fourth-largest. Steve was also a valuable member of the SMU conference co-championship basketball team that year.

Darrell E. Jordan


From 1958 until 1968 I had the privilege of working for Mr. J.S. Bridwell in Wichita Falls, Texas, during which period many rare and valuable books and documents were added to the outstanding collection in the Bridwell Library at SMU. Because of the continuing funding of this wonderful institution through the J.S. Bridwell Foundation, I felt he should not have been omitted.

Mrs. John E. Healy

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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