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Skin Dives

The vice squad picks the city’s sleaziest porn parlors.

Buck, 36, and Al, 28, are officers with the vice control division, Dallas Police Department. Buck and Al work the day shift, driving their unmarked car to the city’s 25 or so pom theaters, bookstores, and arcades. Harry Hines, Industrial, Elm, Ervay. From ten to six, they watch 16-mm films, secure search warrants, and occasionally, bust a bored pom shop employee. It’s a painstaking, repetitive job, and doesn’t seem to do much good; usually, their collars are back at work in a few hours.

In two weeks, Buck and AI will switch to the night shift, and start hitting the cheap hotels that serve prostitutes working Ervay, Washington, Cedar Springs. The Park Crest, the Uptown One and Two, the Bebop, the San Jose. Buck and Al will pretend to be tricks, until the prostitute names her price. Then they’ll bust her, and hope she doesn ’t have a knife or “friends” down the hall. She’ll be back on the streets the next day.

That’s the rhythm of the vice squad: commercial obscenity by day, prostitution by night. When their tour of duty in vice control ends, Lt. Eddie Walt, section commander, will find replacements. By then, Buck and Al will have passed themselves off as patrons, tricks, and suckers in more places than they can remember.

But they’ll never forget the places on these pages. Because they think these are the worst.



2202 Elm

Arcade, live nude dancing

Owner: Ellwest Stereo


“This place sells instant

frustration for a quarter. “

Lt. Walt

Worst Clip Joint

Tamlo Show Lounge

2846 Samuell

Striptease, “cocktail” lounge

(no liquor license)

Owner: Information not


“Their deal is to get your money in the quickest way possible. A truckdriver or some guy from out of town comes in, a girl sits down by him and rubs his thigh or something, and sells him a bottle of fake champagne for $80 or $90 a bottle. She gets half, the place gets half. In thirty minutes you can run up a $200 tab, no problem. You’ve got to be pretty stupid – or pretty drunk – to fall for it.”

Lt. Walt

Most Profitable

The Paris 11128 Harry Hines Books and magazines, large-screen theater, arcade

Owner: Charles Carlock. Currently has 11 charges of commercial obscenity pending against him.

“If I was in it for the money, I’d own the Paris. ” Buck


The Kit Kat Theater 1226 North Industrial Two large-screen theaters, books, magazines, paraphernalia, arcade, live nude dancing, Treasure Chest Modeling Studio

Owner: Walter Whitfield Boyd. Has three felony charges (two aggravated promotion of prostitution, one theft) and 14 charges of commercial obscenity pending against him.

“Even if your seat’s not dirty, you’ll have to move around, because a roach will crawl across your lap or a rat will run down the aisle. I’ve moved six times in less than an hour.”

Al, on the Kit Kat’s movie theaters

Scariest Theater

The Ellwest

308 Ervay

Large-screen theater, live nude dancers, modeling studio

Owner: Ellwest Stereo Theaters

“It’s recently been remodeled, but it still smells the same.”


Most Dangerous

The San Jose Hotel and Sunshine Room bar 3303 Thomas Prostitution hotel

Owner: Information not available

“This is the oldest continuously operating house of prostitution in town. The Sunshine Room is the worst. Even vice investigators brace up when they go in.” Buck and Lt. Walt