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The dazzling look you’ll be seeing at the pool and the beach this summer.
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Tis the season for sleek sun-to-swim wear, the season when beautiful bodies are beautifully bared and when that which is covered is covered with colors that sizzle in fabrics that shine. Vibrant colors like bright poppy, vivid blue, fuchsia rose, electric teal, playing second only to the hottest sun. Everything is streamlined to the barest of necessities, with the only concession to softness a bit of Austrian shirring. Outlines are pared down and away: necks plunged low, legs arched high, sides cut out. Bright ideas translate into beautiful new shapes, sometimes two pieces, but not the usual bra-top and bottom. Instead, a slice of fabric tied above ruffled panty; a mini-bottom with stretch-to-cover skimp top. Or the formerly functional one- piece tank suit turned glamorous maillot, dipped, scooped, and jewel-studded. Not the season to hide behind a cover-up or sit shaded under an umbrella. So take a look at some surefire ways to make a seasonal splash. They’re bright, beautiful, and bold.

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