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Australian gold

American electronics engineer Charles Garret of Dallas holds a 22-ounce gold nugget he found in the Western Australian Gold field,near Perth, Australia. Garret holds a metal detector he designedand predicts a gold rush once the word gets around about the sizeof the nuggets there. dmn 3/15/79

Edible giant

A 45-pound mushroom was discovered by Peggy Willis of MountVernon, Wash., along the Skagit River. The mushroom, Calva tiagigantea, usually grows from 1 to 30 pounds. Ms. Willis says it isedible and testy. DMN 10/7/78

Texas hail

Janet Morgan of LakehlUs, Texas, a small community on Median Lake 30 miles west of San Antonio, holds some baseball- and golf-ball-size hall stones that struck the area Friday.

DMN 2/24/79

Big tomato

A youngster from the Alpine village of Buerglen, Switzerland, holds a record 2-pound, 1-ounce tomato raised in the garden of Mr. and Mrs. Morello of Buerglen.

DMN 11/2/78


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