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Rich Rewards

Leonard Reed did a fine job on “How Charity Works for the Rich” (December). I am not certain that my friends will take the trouble to read the article and understand what the Dallas Community Chest Trust Fund is doing, but the information is there for them.

Edmund J. Kahn/Dallas

The Chicano Lobby

“Black Gold, Brown Power” (December) represents, in my view, a fine piece of objective journalism. I was very much impressed with your insights on this very complex issue.

Raul Yzaguirre/President/National

Council of La Raza/Washington, D.C.

One Man, Five Votes

You have done a great injustice to Dallas by publishing “How to Steal an Election” (November). Rowland Stiteler painted a very biased picture of what happens on election day in South Dallas. It’s most unfortunate we didn’t get a glimpse of the turmoil and fraud which occur in East, North, and West Dallas.

Lucy Cain/Dallas

After reading “How To Steal An Election” (November), I have requested that my subscription be cancelled. The article is one of the most racist pieces of yellow journalism that I have read in a long time. I am not a resident of South Dallas but I do know that this is a most biased piece. The city of Dallas and its residents deserve better.

Jerrie Scott/Dallas

No Soap for Fox & Jacobs?

I have no quarrel with the fact that Fox & Jacobs has been extremely successful in marketing its homes (“Why a Fox & Jacobs House Looks That Way,” November). However, you compare F&J, marketing-wise, with Procter & Gamble. P&G markets beautifully, but it also markets quality. D Magazine should have done a more thorough job. If nothing else, some effort should have been put into the “quality” aspects of these unfortunate dwellings.

R.A. Nelson/Dallas

Many thanks for your fine article about Fox & Jacobs and our marketing program in your November issue. I personally appreciate the accuracy of your statements and the objective manner in which the article was written. We appreciate your honest reporting.

Bob Harper/Director, Sales and

Merchandising/Fox & Jacobs/Carrolllon

Big Blonde Strikes Back

I will have to admit that it was very flattering to be mentioned in your magazine (“DaVinci Paints Ixtapa Red,” October). Although he did not use our names, it was very apparent to me who Jerry Flemmons was referring to. Being called the “Big Blonde” was a little strange. I’m five-foot-five, 125 pounds. He also misquoted me. I said “I got my husband out of the bar before he threw up,” not that he had thrown up in the bar. As it turns out my husband was not drunk at all but was suffering from a Mexican virus that took two weeks for him to overcome. His white shorts were not dirty, either. My husband does not sell siding or cars. He owns one of the most successful roofing companies in Dallas.

I am sorry that Mr. Flemmons was not able to enjoy himself in Ixtapa. It was a beautiful place and we had a glorious time as the guests of Mr. Jack Pratt, a very nice and generous person.

After realizing who Mr. Flemmons is, I will have to say he is a lot more colorful on paper than he is in person!

Maggie Roth/Dallas

A Rerun for the Money

“Channel 11 Has Everyone Bewitched”(November) was well written and, fromour standpoint, a factual account ofChannel ll’s evolution over the years.The article showed that you knew yoursubject well. James R. Terrell/

Gaylord Broadcasting Company/Dallas

DISD Defended

Wick Allison’s “reporting” on public education in Dallas has degenerated into a vendetta unbecoming professional journalism and D Magazine (“Publisher’s Page,” October and November). DISD has problems, as does any urban school district. However, ours is one of the best; our salvation lies in those thousands of parents, volunteers, and professionals who work long and hard to improve DISD’s educational offerings.

We shall survive and we shall prevail because we have one great blessing that no private school or suburb can match. We are all kinds of people working together and learning from one another. If we were all alike, then the task of the DISD would be immeasurably simpler, but less worthwhile in the ultimate product. Diversity calls for innovation and new ideas – yes, perhaps a foundation to provide extra money for our children’s education. Give it a chance: It may fail, but it may succeed.

Go away, Mr. Allison. We are workinghard at a difficult job. We don’t deserveyou. Mrs. Tom Greer/Dallas

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