Signing in the Rain

Eleanor Salomon sells lovely, personalized umbrellas. A vailable in red, blue, and peach, the outside layers are solid colors, with classic prints on the inside. She ’II write your name, or whatever, in acrylic on five of the umbrella’s 10 sections for $10. Eleanor also personalizes canvas purses and accessories. El’s designs, 233-2458.

Pistil-Packing Mamas

Have a fresh flower delivered to your office every day (if it’s in Oak Lawn or downtown) by Petalers, a moonlighting venture begun two months ago by four Dallasites. Each weekday a different flower – usually a rose, carnation, mum, or daisy – is delivered before noon, for $15 a month, with discounts for multiple deliveries to the same office. The Petalers report as many men receiving flowers as women (many are ordered anonymously as gifts), and hope to expand soon to residences and other parts of the city. Every Monday you get greenery to accompany the week’s flowers; a SI deposit will get you a bud vase. Petalers, 526-1283.

Bric-a-Brac Brokerage

Enter Gifthorse Anonymous, a consignment boutique for Steuben, Lalique, Hummel, and other expensive knickknacks. It’s the child of Clotheshorse Anonymous, the posh clothing resale shop. Gifthorse is a brokerage for fine dishes, glassware, linens and gift items. Sellers’ names are kept confidential; all items are appraised and the shop’s take of the selling price generally runs 50 percent or less. Buyers can expect discounts of 30 to 80 percent: A Colport bone china set that originally sold for over $2,000 is priced at $600; a Wedgwood salad bowl and plate set is $90; an antique silver compote is $175. The shop also keeps a “want list” of what buyers are looking for. Gifthorse Anonymous, 1413 Preston Forest Square, 233-6082.


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