Thumbs Down: To the Dallas City Council for declaring the sign atop the downtown Blue Cross-Blue Shield building to be a historic landmark, thereby protecting it from removal under the city sign ordinance. If a sign as ugly as that can be pro-. tected, why have an ordinance? Next thing you know, the Council will be land-marking the Golden Arches.

Thumbs Up: To City Manager George Schrader for ordering the firing of the three Dallas police officers in the case of the abuse of David Richburg. The retaliatory shouts of “politics” are hollow – the incident is clearly one of serious excess deserving serious punishment. And thumbs down to Police Chief Donald Byrd for making Schrader do his job for him.

Thumbs Down: To Presnall Wood, editor of the Baptist Standard, for his editorial decrying the barrage of Catholic “news propaganda” spawned by worldwide TV coverage of Pope Paul’s funeral. Come on, Presnall; if your paranoia gets too busy with the papist plot, you won’t have time to worry about the evils of horseracing.

(Concerning the following items, we discovered a serious attitudinal rift on our staff. In the spirit of editorial fairness, we herewith present both sides.)

Thumbs Up: To the Interstate Wrecking Company for demolishing the Chicken Ranch, which had become a tacky testament to entrepreneurial excess.

Thumbs Down: To the Inter- state Wrecking Company for demolishing the Chicken Ranch, an important part of Texas history. Let’s face it – on Greenville Avenue or not, it’s a hell of a lot more historic than the Blue Cross-Blue Shield sign.


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