Fashions for a winter evening

Okay, so here it is the height of the social season, and they ’re left out in the cold. She wasn’t in vited to the Opera Ball. He was ditched by Melissa, who ran off to Zihuatenejo with Eldon B. the Third. Or was it the Fourth? No matter. When there’s no place to go, the solution is to get all dressed up. Something’s bound to happen. She, for example, prepares for the best with a nylon one-piece by Cilligan and O’Malley, from Sanger Harris. (If things don’t work out, a wild-rice-dyed mink, from James Hirsch, will keep her warm.) He may appear harmless enough in his shirt and sport jacket by Brown’s of London, from Neiman-Marcus. But that’s just a ruse. One look at the tie, from Neiman’s, tells you he’s up to something: It’s leather.

The Prince of Hamburgers has the best malts on Lemmon Avenue, but if you bring along a little Chateau Something-or-other you might meet somebody interesting. Somebody, for example, in a black sequined dress by Halston, from Marie Leavell. She might invite you into her car for a closer look at her Joseph Mazer earrings, from Loretta Blum. You might exchange a few words about how dull all those fancy society parties are. You might decide to get together again tomorrow night.

“Let’s roll, ” he said when he picked her up, so they did. Skates from Skateland help them negotiate city traffic. Her slacks and top from Marie Leavell are for good handling on the curves. His tweed suit and hat, from Outfitters, are for long-running performance. And for quick starts in cold weather, furs from James Hirsch: his assembled coyote parka, her dyed mink snow top. One good drive deserves another: Tomorrow night?

“Dinner and a show?” he asked. “Mm-hmm,” she purred, but this isn’t exactly what she had in mind. Up to the balcony, where she can more closely observe, unobserved, his double-breasted sport jacket by Giorgio Armani, his gray wool pleated-front slacks by Alexander Julian, his luscious cotton shirt by Brown’s of London, all from Neiman’s. Maybe she can persuade him to remove his striped silk tie. by Polo-Ralph Lauren, from Outfitters. To compete with onscreen sirens, she’s in a black velvet dress by Oscar de la Renta, from Marie Leavell. Rhinestone evening bag by Judith Leiber, from Loretta Blum, adds sparkle. They ’II sit in the back row, so she won ’I have to remove her Don Kline veiled hat, from Marie Leavell. And later, they’ll put on their own show with natural mink from James Hirsch.

When a custom-tailored vet asks her out for something wet, she stays true to her fashion in a Danskin Freestyle leotard, from Sanger Harris, and rain boots from Papagallo in Preston Center. His trench coat, by Christian Dior from Jas. K. Wilson, keeps him dry as a martini.

After a night on the town, what could be better than a sunrise stroll? His Neiman-Marcus tuxedo is an elegant but quiet backdrop for her finery. And she’s a perfect lady in her fanciful floral print dress by Julio, from Loretta Blum. Her regal fur, by James Hirsch, is of natural coyote with a natural fox border. For a bit of sparkle, a Joseph Mazer necklace with giant crystals and a Judith Leiber evening bag glittering with gold and rhinestones, both from Loretta Blum. She lets him carry her shoes with rhinestone straps, by Charles Jourdan, from Loretta Blum. She lets him kiss her on the cheek. She lets him ask her out again tomorrow.

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