Thumb Awards

Thumbs Down:To State Comptroller Bob Bullock. Bad enough that the Texas governor’s race has seen our Attorney General and our Governor officially investigating each other, slinging mud almost daily. Now Bullock has seen fit to serve as Dolph Briscoe’s political hit man by asking, in his own inimitable elevation of public discourse, “Do you want to elect a man of experience or a son of a bitch?”

Thumbs Up: To Dallas playwright Don Coburn for bringing home the Pulitzer Prize for his first play, The Gin Game, a smash hit first in L.A. and now on Broadway. So much for the supposed vitality of regional theater; Dallas isn’t even on the touring schedule for the play.

Thumbs Down: To Congressman Jim Collins for his proposal that Tex- as secede and become once again the independent Republic of Texas. We admit a certain attraction to Collins’ little fantasy. But the scary part is that Collins says he’d be delighted to serve as the new Republic’s first president. Congressman Collins is difficult enough; President Collins is unthinkable.

Thumbs Up: To Alan Sumner and the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for their efforts in publishing Dallasights, a photographic anthology of Dallas architecture. To be ready in May for the A.I.A. convention here (and also to be sold to the public), the book is the first scholarly compendium of Dallas architecture since a similar A.I. A. project in 1962.


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