move it!

If you’re presently tense, listen to some active voices.

It’s true about the zeal of the convert. When we decided to do a story about the fitness craze, there was some skepticism from the Editor. “Where will we find anyone to write about jogging or swimming or all that jock stuff?” he fretted. “Writers don’t do anything more active than punch typewriter keys.”

Wrong, of course. The moment the subject was brought up to our writers, there were testimonials that would have made a Pentecostal gape. There was a turbulent debate about aerobics. There was much talk about the virtues of Adidas – and the lack of them. Muscles were flexed. Racquetball challenges flung. A group of people who rarely raise their voices except to argue about commas and denounce the misuse of “hopefully” suddenly sounded like gym teachers and track coaches.

What has happened to send all these mild-mannered Clark Kent types scurrying into phone booths to emerge gussied up for five-mile jogs, fifty laps in the pool, and multiple sets of tennis? Is it awakening body consciousness, or simply shrewd merchandising on the part of the sportsgear industry? Is it a desire to live longer or better, or just the average person’s wan hope that he or she might turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger or Cheryl Tiegs with a little extra effort? Or is it just that winter’s rains and ruins are over, and the outdoors is too delicious to ignore?

Whatever. Who are we to fight trends? On the next ten pages, five more-or-less average types offer you counsel and exhortation about their favorite physical activities. But why are you just sitting there reading? Up, up and awaaaaay!


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