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By D Magazine |

Thumbs Up: To Director John Tei-pel and his crew of 200 in the Streets and Sanitation Department. who have put in shifts of 16 hours plus, clearing and sanding the streets during our recent winter siege. With limited equipment and experience, they’ve done a truly commendable job of keeping the city mobile.

Thumbs Down: To the Dallas City Council for voting to force city-owned WRR-FM radio to broadcast City Council meetings, and particularly to Councilman John Leedom who led the push. Not only do they jeopardize the station’s shaky revenues, but their “in-the-public-interest” reasoning for this media meddling raises some First Amendment questions. Such as. what next? Moreover, is the public interested enough to tune in? Doubtful.

Thumbs Down:

To Dallas Power & Light, for suggesting that their S46.500 donation to Thanks-Giving Square should he considered a business expense. (Their expenses justify their rates, you see.) We can. if pressed, sanction the 3-mar-tini lunch as essential to commerce. But Thanks-Giving Square? No way.

Thumbed Out: By Harvey Goff. We discovered firsthand that, at Golf’s Lovers Lane hamburger shop, the notorious Harvey still refuses service to male longhairs. Sony, Harv, but if you ever stop by our office, we may have to refuse you entry on account of your mind – too narrow.