… not, limp or droopy or shapeless – just easy fabrics and shapes that say “there is a body underneath.” This Spring everything from pants to separates to suitings is less constructed

– softer.

There’s a sense of casual-ness that lets clothes fit without being fitted – the skirt falls from a soft gathered dirndl or a row of loosened pleats; the top stops short in a blouson or keeps going to a tunic to belt and blouse; the dress billows from an innocent little collar into a float of challis or silk or gauze. And the jacket – whether overshirt, bolero or blazer – has sleeves to push up with the greatestof ease.

But the silhouette isn’t meant to camouflage. In fact, the season’s fabrics (silks, softest cottons, gauze) demand a beautiful line underneath. There the demands end, though, and fashion says “Relax, look beautiful, enjoy!”


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