You’ll hear it everywhere. “There’s never been a better time to buy a house,” say Realtors, developers, builders – who have good reasons for saying that. But that’s what your friends and neighbors are probably saying, too.

If what they’re saying is true, and there’s strong evidence to support their arguments in the following pages, then it’s also true that there’s probably no better place to buy than in the Dallas area, which has a healthy economy, lots of room for growth, and a climate that makes energy-saving relatively easy.

But if it’s time to buy, it’s also time to sell. The demand for houses has never been greater, so the resale value of your current home may be greater than you think. “Buying up,” into a house with that extra bedroom you need, in that location you’ve always preferred, means getting a good return on the investment you’ve made in your current home.

On the following pages, you’ll find all sorts of advice – profiles of the growth areas, information on how the Dallas housing market compares with that in other cities, and facts about how good an investment your home really is.


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