Fort Worth’s Wino Hilton Gets a Fresh Start

Clif Overcash meets the Incredible Hulk

For three years it loomed in the center of downtown Fort Worth, a 14-story contradiction to the economic revitalization which is being conducted by financiers like Charles Tandy.

Located at 5th and Commerce Streets, in the midst of a number of newbuildings, is a 308-room hotel project on which the First National Bank was left holding the bag when the financial bottom fell out of the company building it.

Now former mayor Clif Over-cash (you remember him) is trying to buy the hulking haven for winos, finish it and sell it to the Fort Worth Housing Authority for public housing.

of down While a public housing project may not be the most appealing use for what started out to be a fine hotel, finishing the building would remove a downtown eyesore and possibly allow a rebirth of downtown Cowtown to move into high gear.


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