Frost Bites

If you have no time to cook and have grown tired of frozen pot pies and carry-out fried chicken, check out The Wonderful World of Cooking on Lovers Lane. Jeanne Tyson Titus and Jacque Pierce prepare and freeze about a hundred different dishes, from chicken breasts in wine and mushroom sauce and beef burgundy to meat loaf, vegetables, and homemade bread. (Most dishes are available in servings for one, two or four.) You can take home all or any part of a seven-course meal, or order special foods for large parties, complete with cooking instructions and suggestions for serving. Items change at intervals; for summer they’ve added cold soups and salads. Prices are reasonable, and the Wonderful World will deliver orders of $25 and up at no extra charge. The Wonderful World of Cooking, 5007 W. Lovers Lane, 358-3345. Daily 9-6:30, Saturday 10:30-5.

Leather Report

Fading, brittle and torn leather upholstery can be saved. Call J & R Leather, a local firm that specializes in restoring leather to brand new status. J & R softens, colors, cleans and repairs upholstery for local luxury car dealers, but also welcomes private customers. Prices vary with the extent of the damage, but generally a car’s bucket seat can be restored for $75 and a bench seat for $ 120. J & R Leather Refinishers, 2620 Live Oak. 826-0130.

Hair’s Looking At You, Kid

You may already have had your head examined, but probably not your hair. Hair analysis is coming into its own, as experts realize how much it can reveal about the body. The most exhaustive analysis available locally is performed by Collections, a beauty supply company. They take a small sample of your hair, as well as information about your eating habits, exercise and the hair-care products you use. Several weeks later, after computer analysis, you will be notified about any deficiencies that turn up in your diet, suitable hair products and so on. One woman found her hair wouldn’t hold a curl because of her body’s high calcium content. Hair analysis is not a replacement tor professional health care, but it can be a useful supplement. $60 at Collections. 4302 Lemmon Ave.

Underwater Colors

If you’d like a scene straight from one of Jacques Cousteau’s documentaries on the bottom of your swimming pool, painter To-mas Bustos is the man to see. A commercial artist, Bustos thinks underwater art is an idea that could float. Working in a drained and dry pool, he first gives it a base of marine paint, then sketches over it with chalk, and finally colors in with epoxy paint. The artwork takes a week to dry. Bustos charges between $75 and $100 per day, with the total cost depending on the amount of detail you want; a cartoon scene for a children’s pool costs about $200. The painting will last seven years with regular pool care. Call Tomas Bustos, 330-1231.


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