Thumb Awards

Thumbs Down: To the Dallas Morning News. In the wake of the roof collapse at the Garland church, the News plastered its newspaper boxes with promotional signs proclaiming, in big green lettering, “CHURCH TRAGEDY – COLOR PHOTOS.”

Thumbs Up: To Wes George (director of building engineering for the City of Dallas) and his staff, who worked on their own time without salary to restore the Flying Red Horse atop the Mobil Building.

Thumbs Down: To the Board of Trustees of the DISD for failing to put a stop to the NOVA University diploma mill sham. The NOVA program offers school administrators a doctorate in education for simply sitting and listening to a guest lecturer one Saturday a month for three years. They not only earn their Ed.D., but an automatic salary raise from the DISD.

Thumbs Up: To Howard Green, who ran for Tar-rant County Treasurer on the promise that he would work to abolish the useless, purely titular office if elected to it. What’s better. Green won – thumbs up to the voters. (Not that the gesture was entirely noble – Green will be getting paid $25,000 a year while he’s trying to abolish himself.)

Thumbs Down: |Okay, okay, dear readers. Thumbs down to Reunion Tower for charging $1.50 to ride the elevator. There.


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