Some Briscoe Backers Going Over the Hill for Clements

Can he find enough to win?

Will Bill Clements ever be able to pick up enough disenchanted Democrats to whip John Hill in November?

One man who thinks so is ex-Dolph Briscoe backer Omar Harvey, a Dallas resident who plans to spend the summer touring Texas in a mobile home, recruiting recalcitrant Democrats from every county in the state.

The Clements campaign is getting mixed results in the cities. In Dallas, big-time Democratic boss Jess Hay has turned his back on the Republicans, predicting that most members of his party will vote for John Hill. In Fort Worth,however, Clements has made inroads in the Democratic power structure. Former Bris-coe backer Eddie Chiles, head of the massive Western Co. of North America, has jumped behind Clements and declared himself a born-again Republican. Other Fort Worth defectors are H. B. “Babe” Fu-qua, once the city’s top political leader, and Paul Leonard, a member of the family which founded the Leonard’s Department Store chain.

Harvey, a wealthy former IBM executive, is convinced his efforts will work. “They doubted us before the primary and they doubt us now, but there’s no question in Bill’s mind or mine that we will win in November,” Harvey says.


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