Hot Flash

The colder it gets, the more it costs to heat your home. But your bills may be disproportionately higher because your home is poorly insulated. One way to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency is through infrared photography. Thermotography Services, Inc. will come to your home and scan it from the inside out, measuring to within 1/20 Centigrade all heating and cooling losses. Then their representative will suggest ways in which you can remedy the problem. For a 2500- to 3000-square-foot house, the cost is $75. The company makes it a policy not to recommend specific insulation services or products. Instead, they suggest you call Dallas Power & Light for recommendations. DP&L has also approved their service. For more information, call T.S., Inc. at 251-1515.

Money Talks

All sorts of people have financial problems that can be solved by someone less specialized than a CPA or an attorney – and at much less cost. For $20 an hour, Ann St. Clair, owner of First Day Support Services, will come to your office or home and advise you on budgeting your income or understanding the stock market. If you’ve been recently divorced or widowed, she’ll help you learn your new financial responsibilities. She will not prepare tax returns, but will help you gather all necessary income tax information to present to your accountant – saving him time and you money. And when you really need the services of a CPA or an attorney, she’ll tell you. For more information, call her at 350-1785.

Crystal Persuasion

“I saw one a friend had, I liked it, I asked him where he bought it and now I’m in the prism business,” explained Kenneth Knight, owner of Under Arrest at 3833 Cedar Springs. He sells over 50 different types of prisms, most priced between $2 and $10. All are designed in Austria by the Strass family, which has been making prisms for over 100 years. “We really sell rainbows,” says Knight. “If you hang one of these in a window, the facets will catch the sunlight and make a rainbow in the room.” Smaller prisms can also be worn as jewelry. For the valentine in your life, Knight hascrystal hearts on a satin cord for $10. Open Monday-Saturday from 10 to 6, Thursday until 9.

For the Birds

Scattered around the Plymouth area of England are villages where homes still have thatched roofs. So it seems only natural that birds in the area have similar accommodations. A small Plymouth factory has been making these bird houses and feeders for years. They are now available in the United States at Blanton Casey, 3303 McKinney. Small “Robin Box” or “Wren Box” (pictured here), $15. Large birdhouse, $45. Bird feeder, $10. The bird feeder is designed to hold suet. To birds, that’s a delicacy. Blanton Casey, open Monday-Friday from 11 to 4, Saturday from 10 to 5.


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