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Thumb Awards

By D Magazine |

Thumbs Up: To W. J. Estelle Jr., director of the Texas Department of Corrections. Despite a recent Supreme Court decision which would allow him to bar the news media from the state prison, Estelle has decided to keep the doors open. Estelle called the ruling “dangerous.” We agree.

Thumbs Down: To Congressman Jim Mattox for referring to opponent TomPauken as a “young Nazi’ in an interview with a Channel 8 reporter. Although Mattox made the comment off-camera, the station thought the congressman’s use of such language was newsworthy and reported the remark. Good decision. The voters have a right to know what sort of man represents them.

Thumbs Down: To W. O. Boze-man, a Garland apartment owner. After a feud with his tenants, who were angry at having to go 11 days without gas, Bozeman shut off their electricity. Included in the blackout was apartment manager Mimi Fuller, who had sided with the tenants. Her husband depends on an electric respirator.

Thumbs Up: To John Y. Brown, for not bringing his basketball franchise to Dallas. After watching Brown’s game-playing, we’ll gladly await a better opportunity.