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A Taste Odyssey

Tiropetes, Souzoukakai, Dolmathes, Souvlakai, Baklava. Not the names of Russian astronauts, but Greek for “fin-ger-lickin’ good.” It’s a meal of cheese puffs, rice pilaf with meat balls, wrapped grape leaves, shish kebob and feather-light pastry. All served at the 21st Annual Greek Foods Festival sponsored by members of the Greek Orthodox Church, 4005 Swiss Avenue. A Dallas tradition that shouldn’t be missed. Enjoy a good meal (dinner $6.50 adults, $2.25 children/lunch $3.50 or $1.75), browse at craft booths, sample Greek wine or ouzo, and join in the folk dances. Call 823-3509 for hours and serving times. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 29- October I. Never on Sunday.

Class Menagerie

Invite a rabbit to dinner, or a bear, or a charming kitty cat. Twenty-three different creatures of the forest or more domestic habitats like your favorite living room chair have been charmingly fashioned in pewter by Godinger as napkin rings. Prices range from $8 to $20 per animal. Exclusively at Bradley on the Plaza, 6730 Snider Plaza.

Alimentary, My Dear Watson

If you can’t walk by a kitchen shop without buying a lemon twister or a watermelon seeder, you’ll find Watson’s Food Service positively irresistible. This restaurant supply firm sells to the public as well as to restaurant owners. Browse through rows and rows of cooking utensils. All items are designed to withstand the wear and tear of high-volume use. Some items will be familiar, others will be delightful new discoveries – you’ve hit the jackpot if you’ve always wanted a toothpick holder like the ones at Denny’s, extra-large stock pots or mixing bowls two feet in diameter. Some items sold only by the case. Prices average well below retail cost. Watson’s Food Service Industries, 3712 Haggar Way. Open Monday-Friday from 8 to 5.

Flicks with a Twist

Get a lump in your throat every time you hear Bogie assure Ingrid that “We’ll always have Paris’?” Take note. The Granada (3524 Greenville Ave.) has reopened its doors to nostalgia buffs who prefer their entertainment rated G (its past has often been X-rated). Live acts will still be booked by the theaters new owners, usually on weekends, but during the week, Bogie, Cagney, Stewart and company take center stage. Movies at 6, 8, and 10. Tickets $1.50. Naturally there’s popcorn and candy, but also a first for Dallas theater-goers: beer and mixed drinks. Call their hotline number for daily listings. 826-2300.