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Thumbs Down:

To Dallas City Councilman Richard Smith. Attorney Morris Jaffe recently appeared before the Council to speak against the zoning request to develop a new shopping complex near North-Park. It was later learned that Jaffe’s appearance was paid for by Neiman-Marcus (which has a NorthPark store). This prompted a valid proposal that persons speaking before the Council disclose if and by whom they are being paid to appear. Councilman Smith raised objections. Smith also happens to be Jaffe’s law partner.

Thumbs Up: To the Louisiana Racing Commission for awarding Louisiana Downs a new racing season from June 30 to November 26 (past year it was January to June). The better weather, summer tourism, additional holidays, and elimination of conflicting dates with other major tracks has led Downs officials to estimate a handle increase of as much as $120,000 a day. Which means an additional $12 million for the season. Which means higher stakes, thus better horses, thus better races. Which means our “local” racetrack in Bossier City finally has a shot at becoming the real thing.

Thumbs Down:

To the Dallas Police Department. A staff member recently had serious occasion to call the “Police Emergency” number. A pleasant female voice answered the phone – on tape: “This is the Dallas Police Department. I’m sorry, all our lines are busy. Will you hold, please?”