The whole thing seems so out of sync with the times; you think to yourself, it’s got to be a gimmick. After all, unemployment lines stretch all over America; yet here in Dallas there’s this crazy message going around. You see it in newspapers, on television, and hear it on the radio. You see it stuck under car windshields at high school football games. You see it on matchbook covers and sunvisors. It says, “Fox & Jacobs is hiring. Good jobs. Good pay.”

And it’s no gimmick. “Our business is booming,” says Fox & Jacobs Ad Manager Gene Coleman. “We need to hire 1,000 new people in the next 90 days. And it likely won’t stop there.’’ Most of the positions are construction type jobs. “Bricklayers are our biggest need at the moment,” says Coleman. “I’d hire l00 of them tonight if I could find them.”

Success doesn’t come cheap. Fox & Jacobs is spending somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 a month on the hiring campaign, according to company president Dave Fox. Is it really worth it? In fact, is it even necessary? “You’d better believe it,” says Fox. “If we didn’t make people aware of these opportunities, we couldn’t fill all the positions. We’re suffering from good times.”


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