Union Move: The Fairmont Fights Back

Fairmont Hotel manager Julian Abio is really coming out swinging at the Hotel -Motel-Restaurant Workers Union, which is trying to organize Fairmont employees. Abio has written a personal letter to each Fairmont employee saying that “The union could cause plenty of trouble for us all. Union pressure on the hotel could lead to a strike and picketing. The union’s threat of strike and picketing is a real danger to you and your job security.”’

Abio goes on to say that the union “has no real interest in you. They just want to take part of your paycheck with their monthly dues, fees, assessments and fines. The union organizers are paid salesmen trying to sell you on the union so they can make personal gains at your expense.”

Abio’s letter is accompanied by a flyer, printed in both English and Spanish, which shows a sketch of two union organizers, unshaven and smoking big cigars, driving off with a bundle of money.

The union has tried unsuccessfully before to gain a foothold in Dallas hotels. This time the union’s major effort is focused upon the Fairmont, which would be the plum of the Dallas hotel market.


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