The Thumb Awards

Thumbs Up: To Dallas Cowboys’ Vice President and Personnel Director Gil Brandt for engineering the deal that landed Tony Dorsett with the Cowboys. Parting somewhat with their usual”best avail-able athlete” drafting process, the Cow-boys zeroed in on Dorsett and grabbed a prize for their fans. Of course, it wasn’t entirely a magnanimous gesture-Brandt had already made reference to Dorsett’s appeal in terms of something called season tickets.

Thumbs Down:To I.D. Thompson, principal of Coppell Elementary School, for suspending two students for wearing Farrah Fawcett T-shirts. Come on, I.D.- your behavior is a lot more embarrassing than Farrah’s bathing suit.

Thumbs Up: To Republic National Bank board chairman James Keay for openly admitting at a recent shareholders meeting that the bank’s new downtown drive-in facility is an eyesore. “People inside and outside of the bank are commenting on it,” Keay told surprised stockholders, referring to the paint and landscaping at the bank’s drive-in near Woodall Rodgers. What’s better, Keay vowed to do something about it.

Thumbs Up: To the entrepreneurial spirits behind the revival of the Granada Theater as a small-scale concert house. A very risky proposition, but if it works, it will not only save a wonderful old building but will provide a needed intermediate-level music showcase.

Thumbs Down: To the entrepreneurial spirits behind the plan to transport the La Grange “Chicken Ranch,’ that famous Texas house of ill repute, to Dallas (specifically Greenville Avenue) to be opened as arestaurant. It’s not the Chicken Ranch heritage that’s bothersome; it’s the idea of another ridiculously gimmicky Greenville Avenue restaurant that disturbs us. Consider the possibilities: “The Red Light Special: Two Breasts and Two Thighs.”


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