Fall clothes will begin appearing in Dallas stores this month but summer wardrobes must last at least through September. How to give your summer wardrobe a pick-me-up when the clothes you bought in March begin to bore you by July and the sale racks don’t even look appealing? Try accessories. This year, you can’t have too many belts, hats, flowers, combs, even handbags.

Accessories have made a big fashion splash. Flowers are everywhere – in jewelry, in the hair on combs and barrettes,on belts. Color is bright and sassy. Art deco motifs are favorite design approaches. And hats are back – big and floppy wide brims or sporty take-offs on the baseball cap. There’s also a handbag for every fashion look in your closet. The samples on these two pages show you what we mean.

A. New emphasis on the waist. Awhite rope belt with flower attached. $19 at the Carriage Shop. Or a modified cinch belt that’s reversible. $10 at Barbara Robertson. Or a rainbow colored belt with loose edges that you can braid for a special look. At Featherstone (5045 Willis), $9.

B. Handbags take on new fashion importance. The multi-colored straw bag is by Clovis Ruffin. $19 at Lord & Taylor. The envelope bag is a Gwen Jackson design, each bag a “one-of-a-kind” item. $50 at Featherstone.

C. For the latest look in evening wear, try an evening pouch. Wear it around your neck as jewelry and it doubles as a container for your make-up brushes. This one is made of silk with an Oriental design. The bag and brushes, $14 at Barbara Robertson.

D. Delicate porcelain flowers on a long cord by Antonia. Many designers have been showing this necklace style tied loosely around the neck with the ends dangling down the back. $60 at Featherstone.

E. There’s now a hat for every occasion – this one has the sporty look of a baseball cap. $6 at Lord & Taylor.


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