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Here Comes the Groomer

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would outfit a van for pet grooming and drive to your door to give your pet his beauty treatment? No more time spent traveling to and from the groomers. No more need for cages for your

pet. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Schwartz have done just that. Their pink and white air-conditioned Econoline vans are equipped with a tub, hot and cold running water, a grooming shop blow dryer. They offer the same services as a shop, including medicated shampoo, nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathing, grooming and fluff drying by a trained, experienced groomer. The company is called, appropriately, Puppy Love. Call them at 243-8331 for an appointment.

Seconds Chance

A mill outlet is a place where companies sell their product overruns or seconds at lower than retail cost. Now Dallas has one of its own. It’s called the Merchant’s Warehouse and it’s located at 1735 North Stemmons Freeway at the intersection with Oak Lawn. The warehouse sells everything from sheets, towels, and bedspreads, to place mats, blankets, rugs, and draperies. All items are factory seconds, irregulars, or “intentional irregulars” (first rate goods marked by the manufacturer as irregular to get them out of inventory). Naturally, the low prices are what attract the growing number of customers. Examples: queen size flat and fitted sheets by designer Bill Blass sell for $5.97 each. That’s about 50 percent lower than the regular retail price.

Material Comfort

Beautiful designs in pillows or fabric by the yard – all material handwoven by the Mayan Indians of Guatemala – are available in Dallas through a company called Ethnic Arts. Co-owner Martha Hettich, herself an experienced weaver, has worked with Mayans for several years developing special fabric design and color combinations which she now sells in this country. Choose from 12 patterns and colors. Buy it by the yard for clothing, placemats, napkins, or whatever your imagination can devise (prices begin at $8.75), or buy pillows made from the fabric. A 15-inch square is $25, 29-inch floor pillows are $57. You can also design your own and have the pillows custom made. The fabric is pre-shrunk, colorfast, completely reversible and washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Mail orders only. Sample kits can be obtained by calling Ethnic Arts at 526-4720.

Executive Action

Overworked executives, take heart. A company called “Memorable Occasions” offers to save you valuable time and help you run your business with flair. They arrange very classy business parties, luncheons and dinners guaranteed to impress your clients, handling every detail from designing the invitations to choosing the menu. They also have a gift buying service. They’ll help you remember occasions like Mother’s Day with an appropriate gift (Mother will never know you didn’t pick it out yourself), or locate Christmas gift items for special clients. For most gift items you pay no more than the suggested retail price since the company buys wholesale, otherwise their fee is 12 percent of the cost of the item. Party arrangement fees naturally according to the nature of the service requested. For more information, call 368-0820.


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