Good Nudes

For those lovers of nude photographs for art’s sake who have secretly wanted to pose au naturel themselves,
here’s an opportunity. Commercial photographer Charles Collum is compiling a book of Dallas nudes which he hopes
will find its way into art book publication. Collum pays no modeling fee, but will provide the posers with prints at
no charge. He is looking for Dal-lasites famous and unknown, families or singles. Collum already has compiled an
impressive portfolio of touching and lyrical studies. Phone Collum Studios for an interview, 741-5405.

Porno freaks need not apply.

Star Material

Dazian’s, probably the largest theatrical supply house in the world, carries everything for costumes from tap dance
recitals to Cecil B. DeMille extravaganzas.

Founded in 1842, the house has offices elsewhere around the country, but Dallas is the main costume fabric store. In
stock are items like bunny and kitten ears and canes, but the inventory also abounds in fabrics in a rainbow of
colors, including fluorescents – and even material 30 feet wide. In short, they can – and do – provide the materials
for costuming everyone from strippers to opera stars.

Dazian’s gladly accepts orders from groups as large as a circus or as small as a neighborhood dancing school. And
while you’re there, ask to see their collection of old catalogues dating from the nineteenth century. It’s a history
of modern costuming in itself. 2014 Commerce/748-3450.

Vegetable Soap

Besides Schaefer’s beer, there’s something else that’s remained up east and been missed by transplanted northerners
down here: Caswell & Massey soaps, colognes and other wondrous cosmetics.

But now the country’s oldest chemists and perfumers’ products can be found at the redoubtable Highland Park
Pharmacy, which stocks all the products from C & M, including even shampoos and loofahs. Besides their own products,
C & M also distributes delights like lettuce juice and carrot juice soap from E. Coudray of France. Prices vary, but
the entire line is inexpensive in comparison to others. Highland Park Pharmacy/3229 Knox.

Keys to the City

Whether you’re a Dallas history buff or not, you probably know of the Historic Preservation League’s work in
preserving landmarks in the city. Now, in order to raise funds for the League and to restore the old Trinity
Methodist Church, the League has designed a key ring with a medallion depicting the church on one side and the City
of Dallas Landmark insignia on the other.

The key ring is available in two mintings: the bronze-finished metal ring is limited to 2,000. It may be ordered
from the Historic Preservation League, c/o Mrs. Ben Alvord, 4341 Hallmark, Dallas 75229, or call 827-5800. $6.80
includes postage and tax. For the super-collector, the key ring also comes in sterling in a limited edition of 288
for $25. At Small Leather Goods in Nei-man-Marcus.

Cents and Sensibility

Almost anyone nowadays can profit from having a personal financial consultant, but recently divorced or widowed
women especially need one. Ann St. Clair aims her counseling services at the needs of such women, providing them, in
their homes, with advice on household expenditures, records-keeping, tax-paying – in fact, every area of expenditure
including appliance-buying. The only service of its kind in the area, Direction for Women is available by
appointment for $20 an hour. Call St. Clair at 350-1785 or write her at 10306 Crittendon, Dallas 75229.

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