Discord at Texas Music

After three issues, Texas Music magazine, published out of Dallas, has fallen apart, and no one quite knows who – if anyone – will pick up the pieces. In the beginning, country stars like Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson served on the board of the publication whose aim was to cover the “new” Texas music. Jay Milner, once in charge of the Iconoclast, was editor, though writers claim he was only in the magazine’s office one or two days a week. Roy Stamps, who runs a PR/ad agency, was publisher. And George Toomer, who heads the Image Group, was chief artist and creative director. For all three, however, the publication was part-time work, and in the end it didn’t work – with no love lost among Milner, Stamps and Toomer.

Distribution was never really established, though a deal with 7-Eleven was discussed for months. Three issues were actually printed – and each showed great promise – but they never made it to the newsstands. A subscription ad campaign was never established. And one report indicated that the magazine’s major outlet was Tower Records – in Los Angeles. Cash got tight, and slowly payments – to writers, artists and then to members of the staff – stopped. Issue #4 was on the press when the printer demanded payment in advance. When the money didn’t come, the presses didn’t roll, and this, as far as we know, is where Texas Music sits right now. Nelson and Walker, however, didn’t fare too badly: Willie’s picture was on the cover of the first issue and Jerry Jeff’s was on issue # 2.


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