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First there was Louis Rukeyser, whose television program “Wall Street Week in Review,” made investments and the economy entertaining to even the most unenlightened of American wage earners. Now there is The Investor’s Gallery, which graphically illustrates that the world of Wall Street can be fun. The gallery is filled with prints, books, even antiques, which relate to Wall Street and the world of business. Among the varied inventory are original illustrations of business scenes from the pages of Harper’s Weekly, Puck, and Vanity Fair, all attractively framed and reasonably priced; original documents signed by business giants of the past like John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie; even an old ticker-tape machine. In addition, the gallery has framed turn-of-the-century magazine advertisements and original stock certificates. For business types who prefer the atmosphere of the golf course or tennis court to that of the Board Room, there is also a collection of prints relating to these sports. 2524 Cedar Springs. Open Mon. through Sat. from 9 to 6.

Cuisine for a Day

Eat Your Heart Out is a gourmet catering service owned by Elizabeth Alexander. She believes that special touches make the difference between a dinner party and a great dining experience. Her repertoire includes old family recipes from Northern Italy, as well as some French ones she learned in Paris at La Varenne. Whether she makes tempting hors d’oeuvres (pate, artichoke balls or babaghannooj) or her famous desserts (Godiva pie and Godiva cheesecake), the results are consistently delicious. Dinner parties are not her only forte. If you have a friend who’s in the hospital, Elizabeth will pack a splendid basket lunch complete with Perrier water or a bottle of wine and deliver it to the patient. If you’d like to take friends on a picnic/museum excursion, Elizabeth will deliver sack lunches tied up with plaid ribbons. For a catered dinner, she will choose wine if you wish and help you with decorating ideas. And she stays in your kitchen until the meal is served. Eat Your Heart Out, 522-7581.

– Paula Bennett

Who’s Got the Buttons

Benno’s has thousands of buttons- ones for baby clothes, ones for tennis outfits, even buttons forgenuine, Ring-ling Brothers’ approved clown suits. And certainly one to match the button you lost from your favorite winter coat. Benno’s also covers buttons and buckles, makes button holes and belts, and sells all sorts of dressmaker trimmings. A dressmaking and tailoring service is .available, too. Benno’s Buttons, 5611 Lovers Lane. Open Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5:30.

Good Buy, Mr. Chips

’’We wanted to make the biggest and best cookie in the world,” say the creators of the Big Apple Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie. They may have succeeded. Each cookie measures about six inches in diameter and is made from natural ingredients: fresh eggs, real chocolate, walnuts, butter, sugar, even a touch of ginger. They are 89¢ each (remember, this is a big cookie), and they are yummy with the shop’s delicious California frozen yogurt ($ 1.19 a pint). Buy the cookies at the Big Apple Bakery, 3408 Oak Lawn, or at Swensen’s and Ashburn’s ice cream stores, Sanger Harris, and at area 7-Elevens. Bet you can’t eat just one.