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… Former Braniff president Ed Acker, who spent most of his tenure at Braniff battling to keep Southwest Airlines from getting off the ground, is now the major stockholder in Air Florida, a local carrier in that state with a gameplan for success in intrastate air travel modelled after, you guessed it, Southwest Airlines.

… At a recent Nolan Estes Appreciation Dinner, Rev. Jesse Jackson refused to cross a picket line set up by a protesting group of black parents. So the Reverend sneaked in the back door to make his guest appearance.

… An inside source tells us those parking toll booths at DFW Airport rake in about $ 100,000 a week. Mostly in coin.

Randy Galloway, baseball writer for the Dallas News, has, over the last few seasons, had his differences with Ranger owner (at press time, that is) Brad Corbett. It’s reached the point where Galloway is boycotting the free dinner and free drinks provided in the pressbox. “I ain’t eating Cor-bett’s free food or drinking his free whiskey anymore.” Instead he arrives at the park with two lunch meat sandwiches, a banana, and his own cooler of beer.

. . . Jeanne Prejean and Wanda McDaniel, long-time society flitters for the News and Herald, respectively, have disappeared from the society pages. Where to? Prejean is working in public relations at Zale Corporation (they can use some). McDaniel is editor of the new ULTRA insert in the News. Society coverage is now downplayed by both papers.

… D.A. Henry Wade turned down a feeler from the Carter Administration to be considered for the post of FBI chief. Better to wait on a fairly certain federal judgeship.

… John Clark, new president of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, won high marks from downtown businessmen in his fight to attract the new county jail and criminal justice center to Burnett Field. Already some folks are saying Clark, a Southwestern Bell manager, is the first real leader to emerge from Oak Cliff in years.

… Guy Marble, the accused “friendly rapist,” has been locked but not forgotten in his cell in the Dallas County jail. Marble has been getting a lot of mail. “For every one letter the usual inmate gets, Marble gets three,” says one jail official. “Yeah,” says an inmate, “Marble gets more mail than anybody. And the thing is, a lot of it is fan mail – from different women.”

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