Radio Ratings: The War Is Over

The contest blitz by Dallas-Fort Worth’s 25 local radio stations is finally over . . . and coincidentally, so is the semiannual ratings war.

And the winner is …

WBAP’s country music fare (and the Texas Rangers’ broadcasts) edged KVIL-AM-FM out of its # 1 spot this period and regained its stronghold on the Dallas-Fort Worth listening audience.

Third place honors went to KOAX-FM and its “Easy Listening” format.

Once “Top Banana” in the teen market, KNUS-FM plum-metted from 4th to 8th place after losing more than half of its teenage audience to KFJZ-FM. “Z-97,” zoomed into teenyboppers’ hearts (and into 6th place overall) by featuring 90 days of commercial-free Top 40 music.

Why are the Arbitron ratings so important? First and foremost, they determine ad rates for the station . . . ask the folks out looking for a new job for the second reason.


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