Thursday, October 6, 2022 Oct 6, 2022
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And Now We’d Like to Perform Buick’s Concerto in A Flat for Pipes and Horns

By D Magazine |

The Boston Symphony Orchestra summers in pastoral Tanglewood, The Chicago Symphony plays in lovely, leafy Ravinia Park, and even the New York Philharmonic takes an occasional fresh air foray into Central Park. The Dallas Symphony? They’ve spent their summer of song on a parking lot in a hot tent next to a highway. What blessed relief for the DSO and symphony-goers to abandon the Summertop sauna and retreat to the peaceful, grassy grounds of the EDS properties off of Forest Lane for the July 22 to August 7 concert series. A tip of the baton to EDS Chairman Ross Perot for offering such a site for sore ears.

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